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Infrastructure is critical to our future and is seen as a priority for investment. A modern approach to managing infrastructure projects is to build an integrated view of your facilities. Integrating your infrastructure & asset data means lower costs and safer facilities. And it is all accessible from your smart device.

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See Opportunities and Dangers

With Uvara, you can see your infrastructure in relation to everything else. Uvara delivers the infrastructure asset management solution that owners and operators of critical assets need most —  mapping and management of their infrastructure.

Adust quickly to new demands

You get 360° clarity easily and quickly. Uvara unearths and organizes infrastructure data, facilitates better strategic and master planning, and helps respond faster to operational challenges.

UVARA 360 Clarity

Respond faster with better information

Instant, on-demand access to your maps, data, and supporting documents from any device, anywhere, anytime. Use augmented reality, IoT, field mobile app, and drone image change illustrations to see what is going on right from your device.

Get control of your construction projects

Better information at your fingertips helps you to avoid accidents and save on your insurance premiums by having a single view of your project. With Uvara, managing your site from design maps to as-built is easy.

UVARA has become indispensable to managing three sizeable campuses and interacting with staff and maintenance personnel. We are saving valuable hours every day using UVARA.”

Jose Nunez

Vice Chancellor Facilities Planning & Operations, San Mateo County Community College District

Aon and UVARA partnership

Our goal is to raise awareness about leading construction and asset management technologies that could help reduce risk on-site and educate our clients and the insurance markets. The Uvara Technology Corner Profile gives an overview of their solution, addresses its risk treatment potential, and identifies what insurance policies its implementation could impact.

David Bowcott – Aon Global Director, Growth, Innovation & Insight


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