Our Mission

BetterGIS is a San Francisco area startup company. Its flagship suite of SaaS and mobile products, UVARA is built by a team of engineers and computer scientists to address the No. 1 problem:

Managing out-of-sight, out-of-mind utility and facilities infrastructure that often leads to costly project overruns, delays, and even injury.

We are passionate about applying the latest technology to solve pressing problems. At BetterGIS, we leverage the latest in GIS, Location Intelligence, Imagery, Drones, Augmented Reality and Smart Devices to bring complete SaaS solutions to enable smarter management of assets, facilities and infrastructure.

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GIS solutions for asset management
Asset and infrastructure smart mapping

Solutions by Design

We build solutions that solve a problem. We strive for minimal configuration and no customization. Our users rely on us to deliver a complete solution with their data. Solutions include all types of users and information. Our flagship solution, UVARA, is focused on the full lifecycle of the assets starting with the engineering-planning and construction phase and continues through operation and maintenance and financial planning.

We understand and see the need to addresses the infrastructure asset management challenges facing those responsible for commercial and public sector facilities including municipalities, educational institutions, utility companies, hospitals, and medical centers, and their architecture, engineering, contractor and risk management, and insurance partners.

The Benefits

BetterGIS builds solutions that can be easily implemented during any phase of a development project. From acquisition through planning, design, construction, maintenance and even disposition. Because they grow and change with your needs they empower better decisions that reduce risk, save money and ensure on-time delivery of projects no matter when they are implemented.

  • Increases Efficiency: Delivers spatially accurate maps and data that inform planners, designers, builders, owners, operators and managers about hidden utility infrastructure risks that potentially impact project timelines, budgets, people, and property.
  • Improves Productivity: By centralizing all aspects of institutional knowledge, maps, reports and project documents are now accessible from any mobile device, reducing cycle time, cost and project delays. Smart reporting enables real-time budgeting, quantity and time-based replacement costs, project prioritization, maintenance reserve and capital reserve calculations, total cost of ownership, and more.
  • Maximizes Value: The advanced functionality and intelligence built into the platform maximize up-time and service continuity, while minimizing risk to people, property, projects, and budgets.
  • Improves Planning: Capital projects fail or succeed by the quality of your planning. By illuminating infrastructure asset details, and eliminating hidden risks, UVARA offers a new way to plan capital projects.
  • Minimizes Delays: Accurate visibility to asset locations will reduce field emergencies, trips to the plan room and show the locations of assets to be serviced, etc. Contractors and sub-contractors will know the location, costs, and other critical infrastructure details which improves construction efficiency and minimizes delays.
  • Reduces Maintenance Response Time and Costs: Accurately prioritize, plan and budget for preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is ALWAYS less costly than “demand” or emergency maintenance. Integrate into work-order management and risk assessment systems, while providing smart reporting to assist with making informed budgeting and replacement cost decisions.

GIS solutions for asset management

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