Facility managers and capital planners: How to champion for digital transformation

Have you come across this roadblock in your career? You know your team has efficiency gaps. You see a tool that you know would be game-changing for your operation. You are fully bought in, but the purse-strings are tight, and all the budget approval team sees is a pretty tool.

How do you get the approval for the purchase order?

Focus on the value, not the tool.

  1. Time savings: How much time does your team spend looking for information before they can focus on being productive? With Uvara, all relevant stakeholders can access the data they need within clicks, not hours.
  2. Financial savings: Don’t consider it an expense, consider it an investment. Our users consistently see at least 500% ROI in their first year of using Uvara. Use our ROI calculator or speak with sales to see your ROI potential.
  3. Reputation savings: If your property has an emergency and you can’t locate a gas line in time, or your hydrant lines are out during a fire, or the wrong electrical grid is turned off during maintenance, how will that impact the public’s perception of your organization? Remind the decision-makers of the ramifications of not having accurate data immediately available.

We fully believe in the power of our tool as an investment for your organization; if you are hitting internal barriers, let us know how we can help you be the game-changer who gets it implemented.

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