Managing Your Facility Remotely

As facility managers navigate the vastly different landscape filled with challenges brought on by the pandemic, it’s important to have the right tools in their proverbial toolboxes. What we learned from UVARA users, even before the realities of COVID-19 set in, was that the software solution provided them a useful way to manage their facility even when they weren’t physically present at their facility. 

Having all of the data and supporting documents pertaining to their facility’s surface and subsurface infrastructure in one place provides them (and their teams) with a single source of truth that can be easily accessed and shared from any device at any time of day. This saves significant amounts of time and increases efficiency, both of which lead to money being saved. 

UVARA can be used in a wide variety of ways, from construction planning and project execution to budget projections and bond preparation. However, just having immediate access to important information can make all of the difference. Through feedback from our users, we’ve learned of several different ways they are using UVARA to keep operations running smoothly at their facilities from afar. 

Faster Emergency Response

One of the most critical jobs of a facility manager or operator is maintaining a safe environment as well as responding quickly during emergencies, lowering the risk to lives and property damage. A real-world example of this happened to one of our clients earlier this year. When a gas leak on her campus prompted a middle-of-the-night phone call, she was able to access UVARA from your computer, locate the correct gas valve on the map, snap a screenshot, send it to the first responders, and go back to sleep. She admitted before UVARA, she would have had to drive to the facility to handle the emergency. 

In another example, one of our clients has a dedicated iPad with UVARA installed at the front gate of their facility. When the fire department is called, upon their arrival they are simply handed the tablet with the fire hydrants highlighted on the map making it easy for them to investigate and handle the call. 

Quickly Respond to Inquiries

Even when there is no emergency, finding answers to the numerous questions a facility manager gets thrown at them on a daily basis can be a significant time sink and slow down operations for those waiting for the answers. With facility data and documents consolidated within UVARA and accessible from a variety of devices, answers come more quickly. An example of this happened when one of our clients was sitting in a meeting with two UVARA team members. He received a text message from a maintenance worker in the field who couldn’t find a particular water valve. He opened UVARA on his mobile phone, located the valve on the map, took a screenshot, and texted it back. The meeting continued. 

Easily Access Plan Sets

Anyone who has ever seen the inside of a plan room knows that they can be wildly unorganized. The process of checking out and checking in documents is at best inefficient and at worst frustrating when you learn a plan you need is either checked out or lost. UVARA’s digital plan room solves that problem by holding digitized versions of a facility’s plan sets in one location accessible by any user at any time. No more trips to the plan room. No more checking in and out. Everything needed is at the user’s fingertips. One of our clients that filled out the UVARA cost savings calculator found that simply eliminating the time wasted from trips to and from the plan room and/or waiting for checked out plans to return resulted in a significant amount of savings of time and money.

A robust infrastructure asset management solution is critical in saving money and time. These are just a few of the ways UVARA is helping our customers increase efficiency for faulty managers. Check out some guidelines in getting your own facility on the map!