Facility Management Case Studies

Every facility owner, operator, manager, and insurer understands that a constant challenge is to balance the risk of future breakdowns and potential calamity with the associated cost of minimizing that risk. Find out how UVARA allows stakeholders to redirect important resources away from lower-value activities such as hunting through a plan room for the most current set of blueprints or potholing the campus in search of the broken gas line and toward higher-value activities such as infrastructure analysis and data-driven decision-making.

UVARA brings to life those otherwise hidden assets to reduce the risk of daily operations and supporting facility management beyond papers and files.

“UVARA’s visualization analytics and archival technology address the challenges of managing aging infrastructure and the costly, unforeseen problems that arise when there is no visual understanding of where assets are located.”

Bob Gordon, President & CEO, Cypress Lawn Cemetery Association, Colma, CA

Download our latest case study on how organizations are using UVARA to mitigate their risk.