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Aon Partners With UVARA To Address Infrastructure Management Risks

Re-insurance broker Aon has entered into a strategic alliance with BetterGIS, an end-to-end asset mapping and management solution, to help architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries across the globe better manage risks. Founded in 2015 by a team of engineers and utility infrastructure professionals, UVARA looks to address the infrastructure [...]

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BetterGIS, Inc. introduces UVARA™

Addressing The Needs Of Clients One of the greatest challenges for owners, operators and managers of utility infrastructure is designing, building and operating facilities in an information vacuum. Organizations need to know the totality, location, condition, age, remaining life and replacement cost of assets, but frequently don’t because they can’t [...]

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Rethinking the Construction Closeout Process

“Project Closeout.” “Building Turnover.” “Transition.” “Contractor Hand-off.” Original article published by Construction Executive No matter what it’s called, moving out of the construction phase into facility operations is one of the messiest aspects of any project. But does it really have to be that way? Not if the [...]

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UVARA Takes On The $1 Trillion Challenge Of Managing Utility And Facility Infrastructure

What’s the best way to budget, design and operate utility and facility infrastructure? How do you retain precious institutional memory before your most knowledgeable people retire? Answer: A next-generation Geographical Information System (GIS). Today, owners and operators of municipalities, colleges and schools, water and sewer districts, hospitals [...]

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