Cemetery Mapping Software and Management Services

The UVARATM Cloud Platform Enables Owners And Operators of Cemeteries To Intelligently Manage Existing Infrastructure Assets And Future Planning

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As one of the largest cemeteries in Northern California, Cypress Lawn faced complex challenges with managing their 256-acre site in Colma, California, just south of San Francisco.

To execute their strategic plan, Cypress Lawn’s owner, enlisted the solution of the UVARA.cloud Platform to better understand the location, condition and time-based replacement cost of utility infrastructure and other important networks throughout this flagship property.

In selecting UVARA, cemetery owners and operators seek to maintain the aesthetic quality of their cemetery grounds, while creating new options for families. Understanding the location and extent of the existing infrastructure is critical to the design and construction process and to make improvements without disrupting the cemetery’s on-going operations.

Our end-to-end mapping and management solution, specifically supports cemetery planning at all levels. During each phase of a cemetery development project, UVARA delivers a universal way to view, analyze, report and archive vital infrastructure asset data and other individual burial specifications. It allows for accurate capital planning, master planning, family grouping, grave marking and location patterns, just to name a few.

Avoid Costly Delays

UVARA Cloud assists entities like Cypress Lawn with decision support for planning, design, construction and operations, while reducing risk to budgets, project timelines, and the health and welfare of employees and contractors on the premises.

In particular, our Cloud platform enables owners and operators of utility and facility infrastructure to map a wide range of underground, surface and above ground assets, including pipes, lines, conduits, and structures.

“As one of the most sophisticated cemetery companies in the U.S., Cypress Lawn will benefit from UVARA’s powerful capabilities and further enhance its national reputation for excellence. UVARA’s visualization, analytics and archival technology address the challenges of managing aging infrastructure and the costly, unforeseen problems that arise when there is no visual understanding of where assets are located.”— Bob Gordon, Owner, Cypress Lawn.

How We Assist Cemetery Owners

  • Capital Projects Planning and Construction
  • Facilities Maintenance and Operations
  • Sustainability and Conservation
  • Emergency Preparedness and Support
  • Management and Boards
  • Risk, Finance and Tax

Intelligently Manage Cemetery Planning

UVARA is a “must have” tool for cemetery infrastructure asset management planning. It determines the most efficient manner for space planning and our spatial database can easily identify burial location by individuals — all while enabling the ability to accurately forecast for future expansion and asset replacement costs.

We deliver on-demand digital access to your maps, data and supporting documents for your entire facility and every burial location. Most importantly, UVARA assists with enabling you to make informed decisions regarding infrastructure, future growth and client service.

To learn more about how the UVARA.cloud Platform can support your cemetery infrastructure assets and planning, contact us at info@uvara.com or call 855-999-9911.