UVARATM Delivers End-to-End Commercial Real Estate Mapping and Management Of Infrastructure Assets Specifically For Investors, Brokers And Property Managers

Commercial real estate infrastructure asset planning Commercial real estate infrastructure asset data is location-relevant, and in an era driven by technology, our team at UVARA brings a new solution to the table, changing the way you view, analyze, report and archive data about your critical infrastructure assets — all through a single pane of glass.

UVARA presents a unique platform that centralizes all of your infrastructure data in one digital plan room that can be accessed from any web-enabled device, 24/7/365. We’re unique in the fact that our solution can be easily implemented during any phase of your commercial real estate development project. From acquisition through planning, design, construction, maintenance and even disposition, UVARA illuminates all of your infrastructures assets, not just underground. Regardless of phase, we’re able to empower better decisions that reduce owners’ risk, save money and ensure on-time delivery of your building project.

As a simple and affordable solution, UVARA is the easiest most cost-effective, all-inclusive GIS solution that not only catalogs underground assets, but above ground and surface level. The differentiator here is now you have visibility to specific data including asset aging and replacement costs setting the stage for accurate budget planning and justification.

We Have The Platform, Technology And Process To Support Your Commercial Real Estate Development Initiatives

Designed by utility and facility infrastructure experts, UVARA delivers the features and functionality to plan, build and operate assets no matter where you are in the project lifecycle.

From inspiration to innovation, integration and implementation, the many benefits of the UVARA Cloud Platform are like no other mapping solution available in the marketplace today.

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Improve Productivity
  • Maximize Property Value
  • Improve Master and Capital Planning
  • Minimize Construction Delays
  • Reduce Maintenance Response Time and Costs

infrastructure asset planningBy consolidating hundreds of location-centric reports, you now have access to the unique details about every asset location, life expectancy and replacement costs.

UVARA’s all-in-one, cloud-based platform offers full asset visualization, analytics, reporting and archive capabilities that identify potential risks to project designs, schedules, capital stacks, and maintenance operations, while at the same time capturing and preserving institutional knowledge


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