Construction Managers Use UVARA To Reduce Risk


As an on-site Construction Manager, you’re responsible for the full lifecycle of all of your projects. The scope of work for each is ever changing, making it difficult to manage risk. The lack of visibility to critical infrastructure assets can halt any project. You’ve got to be equipped with tools that enable you to make quick and accurate decisions. UVARA minimizes risk during each phase of a construction project. From acquisition through planning, design, construction, maintenance and disposition, our platform allows for intelligent decision making that reduces owner’s risk, saves money and ensures on-time delivery of all of your construction projects.

Reducing owner’s risk and ensuring on-time and on-budget construction delivery, is the top priority of any Construction Manager. UVARA delivers the solution that owners and operators of critical assets need most — instant, on-demand access to your maps, data and supporting documents, from any device, anywhere, anytime.


Not knowing where your underground facilities are located is the biggest hidden risk to your project.

Benefits for Construction Managers

  • Improves infrastructure intelligence through a complete mobile plan room.
  • Allows for clear visibility to asset location, extent, age and replacement costs.
  • Enables intelligent and rapid response decisions to maximize the asset’s value.
  • Streamlines workflow and improves productivity within your sub-contractor crews.
  • Minimizes construction delays and reduces field emergency reaction time.