Avoid Costly Accidents

The scope of work for construction projects is ever-changing, making it difficult to manage risk. The lack of visibility to critical infrastructure assets can halt any project. You’ve got to be equipped with tools that enable you to make quick and accurate decisions. 

Uvara minimizes risk during each phase of a construction project. From acquisition through planning, design, construction, maintenance, and disposition, our platform allows for intelligent decision-making that reduces risk, saves money, and ensures on-time delivery of all of your construction projects. With Uvara you can:

  • See design plans in the field before and fix any un-matching CAD designs before starting.
  • Follow up your project with an updated progress view.
  • Deliver a smart map using GIS technology for ongoing infrastructure management.

The consequences of not know where your underground facilities are can be extremely costly. Just ask UCLA.  Avoid accidents, reduce risks and deliver more with Uvara.

Construction Management Mapping Solution
Not knowing where utilities are located is the biggest risk to your project.

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Construction Management Mapping Solution

Benefits for Construction Management

A smart infrastructure asset management system provides access to critical infrastructure information based on location.  Gain a competitive edge by providing tremendous benefits including:

  • Improved infrastructure intelligence through a mobile plan room.
  • Easy access to asset location, age, and replacement costs.
  • Streamlined workflow and improves productivity within sub-contractor crews.
  • Minimized construction delays.
  • Reduced field emergency reaction time.
  • Remote access for quick response.
  • Access to information immediately with one click.

The Risk is Real

Updating and expanding facilities is difficult enough as every project wrestles with unknowns, but construction projects are often delayed or cancelled due to the in-field discovery of unexpected underground utilities. Without a solid asset mapping capability, the dangers remain hidden.

According to the Common Ground Alliance, more than 500,000 excavation-related damages to underground facilities occurred in 2018, up from 439,000 in 2017. This is happening at a pace of more than 1,300 times a day, 365 days a year. This is avoidable with Uvara.

Construction Management Mapping Solution