Digital Twin

Geospatial Digital Twins Enables Smart Infrastructure Management

Now is an optimal time to build out a digital twin of physical infrastructure. With a digital geospatial twin, managing infrastructure is easier, more cost-effective, and safer. Many organizations are finding 10X savings on their annual costs by implementing a geospatial digital twin. Remote access to maps, documents, and reports enable faster and smarter responses to emergencies and prepares your location for the future.

BetterGIS offers UVARA – a turnkey solution for managing infrastructure. Build on standards, it is designed to be flexible in ingesting various data types and data models. It uses location to integrate the layers of information into a smart map and plan room. With a comprehensive set of visualization, database, and mapping tools, any feature can be easily added and configured.  When assets are mapped and integrated, tying IoT information opens up a vast new insight and capabilities. Knowing where a fault might occur in relation to other assets means better planning, maintenance, and repairs. Proactive response means less waste and expenses. It also means fewer emergencies. 

Digital Twins Infrastructure

Let’s Build a Digital Twin of Your Infrastructure. 

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