Know Where Your Assets are Located

Facility and infrastructure asset mapping solutions from Uvara bring organization and insight into your operations.


Managing college campuses brings unique challenges. Understanding what is underground for maintenance and construction work is critical as well as ensuring safe lighting and callboxes for students’ safety. Uvara can track all of those assets. No matter the size of the campus, safe and well-managed facilities are important. With today’s technology, it has never been easier to get your campus facility data integrated and shared

  • Four-year colleges and universities
  • Community colleges and technical colleges
  • K-12 campuses

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Industry mapping solutions
Industry mapping solutions

Commercial Real Estate

Large and small properties alike need maintenance, upkeep, and planning. Knowing where your assets are located and when they will need maintenance enables forward-looking planning. When you expand, knowing what is underground lowers your risk of accidents. Uvara can help get your infrastructure on a map and accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

  • Office, industrial, retail
  • Multi-family complexes and homeowners associations
  • Resort properties and golf courses

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Any construction project comes with risks and unknowns. Weather, accidents, permitting, etc can delay a project. But there is now no reason for hidden underground infrastructure to be a risk. With Uvara, we bring all your information together so you have the full picture of your project.


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Industry mapping solutions
Industry mapping solutions

Health Care

Ensuring a safe and secure facility for health care workers and patients is critical. But with only a limited view of your facility, the total picture is lost. Uvara brings together all layers of your infrastructure so assets by location can be viewed, analyzed and managed. And since it is in the cloud, you can access it anywhere at anytime.

  • Medical centers and hospitals
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

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