Infrastructure Management

Colleges use UVARA to manage all aspects of their facilities. From construction to annual planning, colleges are using UVARA to automate their plan and map room. With easy and fast access to the integrated layers of information, building construction project run smoother and emergencies are avoided.

UVARA brings your data and the latest imagery together for a holistically integrated system that gives you :

  • A single view of your campus’ infrastructure – above and below ground.
  • Easy query capabilities to find assets.
  • On location capabilities to view what is below your feet.
  • Reports to show gaps and areas of concern.
  • Annual plan for budgeting and planning.

Smart infrastructure asset management provides remote campus access bringing you the tools you need even when off-premise.

Infrastructure map for Canada College
Not knowing where your assets are located is critical to your success.

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Take Your Campus with You

UVARA is a complete solution. As a SaaS solution, you do not have to worry about software updates, hardware issues or databases. We upload your network data including CAD drawing and GIS features layers. For up-to-date imagery, we can fly a drone to capture better resolution imagery than Google and we survey your campus to verify your data.

The COVID-19 crisis is a wake-up call to facility and construction managers. Using asset mapping to integrate and view your campus infrastructure is even more critical. Remote access to integrated, accurate data is critical. If you can’t go to your campus, UVARA brings your campus to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, so you can still do your work.

Having remote access to your facilities brings unexpected benefits. Read how our customers are saving time, money and lives by having immediate access to asset information.