Transform Infrastructure Management For Healthcare Facilities

Seeing your infrastructure on a map will change how you manage and grow your healthcare facilities. Now you can see what is below ground and above in one easy-to-use map interface. And because it is smart, you can pull all our reports, budget forecasts, and maintenance needs all in one place.

UVARA changes the way leaders of medical centers, hospitals, and assisted living centers, etc., view, analyze, report, and archive critical infrastructure asset information. It’s one platform with multiple benefits. UVARA illuminates and organizes infrastructure data, facilitates improved strategic and master planning, and enables intelligent decision making to address any construction or operational challenge.

Healthcare facility smart mapping solution

Realize as much as 10X savings on your annual costs.

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Healthcare facility smart mapping solution

Map Your Healthcare Facilities

The ability to visually display data that is associated with a designated asset benefit the entire healthcare sector in many ways. The data allows users to see asset groupings, relational information and answer “what if” questions that can arise as a result of any direct or indirect changes taking place in their facilities.

UVARA provides healthcare managers instant and on-demand access to their maps, data, and supporting documents for every location. Most importantly, this unique, end-to-end healthcare mapping and management solution delivers a complete framework that decision-makers can use to manage existing locations and plan for new construction. Adding maps to your infrastructure asset management system brings more insight and capabilities.

A Healthcare Facility Mapping Solution that Grows with You.

As your community grows and changes, healthcare organizations adjust to support current and future needs. Expanding and changing facilities is critical to ensure a health community. With UVARA, you can manage and track your infrastructure – underground, surface and overhead. Being able to accurately identify areas appropriate fo new buildings makes planning easier and safer. Health is important for your patients and your infrastructure. Don’t find out about issues after a problem like this Texas hospital. We can help you avoid costly mistakes and expand safely.

Healthcare facility smart mapping solution