UVARATM Transforms Infrastructure Asset Mapping And Management For Healthcare Facilities

healthcare facility management solutionsGeographic Information Systems (GIS) are more sophisticated now than ever before, but none of the current service providers compare to what the UVARA Cloud platform delivers, specifically for Healthcare facility development, management and maintenance.

We have changed the way leaders of medical centers, hospitals and assisted living centers, etc., view, analyze, report and archive critical infrastructure asset information. It’s one platform with multiple benefits. UVARA illuminates and organizes infrastructure data, facilitates improved strategic and master planning and enables intelligent decision making to address any construction or operational challenge.

The Most Sophisticated Form Of Infrastructure Asset Mapping and Management Available

UVARA is built for owners, operators, and managers of critical utility and facility infrastructure and is the only solution that delivers complete end-to-end mapping and management of all infrastructure assets for Healthcare facilities.

With 24/7/365 access to a digitized, mobile plan room, you’ll be able to view all of your maps, as-builts, construction documents, permits, etc., in one centralized location. If you want to view one specific asset, such as oxygen lines, simply turn off the other layers and quickly hone in on exactly what you want to look at.

Mapping Of Healthcare Facilities Using UVARA As The Most Sophisticated Solution

The ability to visually display data that is associated with a designated asset, benefits the entire healthcare sector in many ways. The data allows users to see asset groupings, relational information and answer “what if” questions which can arise as a result of any direct or indirect changes taking place in their facilities.

Advanced Mapping Technology For Healthcare Facilities

GIS Software

As mentioned above, we provide healthcare managers instant and on-demand access to their maps, data and supporting documents for every location. Most importantly, this unique, end-to-end healthcare mapping and management solution delivers a complete framework that decision makers can use to manage existing locations and plan for new construction.

UVARA’s all-in-one, cloud-based platform offers full asset visualization, analytics, reporting and archive capabilities that identify potential risks to project designs, schedules, capital stacks, and maintenance operations, while at the same time capturing and preserving institutional knowledge.


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