A school in South Point is making due without water

On Monday a six-inch main line broke under the highway that feeds South Point High School. Crews have been working to fix it and hope it will be finished by late Thursday evening.

Since they are without water, the school has set up drinking water stations in the hallways by the water fountains. Janitors have been maintaining the bathrooms by using buckets of water to flush.

Superintendent Mark Christian believes the inconvenience is better than closing the school.

“We have a limited amount of days. We only have five calamity days so we have to use them sparingly,” he said. “And you know we’d rather do this than in the wintertime put the kids on the road in a dangerous situation and not have those days to use.”

The Health Department has checked on the school and the they are in compliance and actually have gone above and beyond what is required, according to Christian.

According to WOWK-TV updated on October 1st, 2015