A Nashville woman says a water main break at a nearby apartment complex is forcing water onto her property, causing major damage to her home.

Erica Waters told News 2 she can’t get the apartment complex to fix the problem, and, apparently, the city can’t either.

Waters says the water started flowing onto her property Sunday. By Wednesday, she had a river in her front yard, a pool of water in the back and major water damage to her basement.

She said the apartment complex, Hickory Point, claimed responsibility for the water and helped her build a trench in her front yard to keep any water from further damaging her home.

But Waters said that was the only help she got from them.

“Our calls now largely go unanswered,” she said. “At first, the property manager said, ‘We’re going to do something; We’ll fix it.’ But here we are on Wednesday and, as you can see, the water is still flowing.”

According to the city, because the water main is on private property, they can’t fix it. So News 2 went to Hickory Pointe’s front office to get answers.

A man standing behind the locked door said he had no comment and that he didn’t own the property.

However, he wouldn’t tell us where to find the owner. In fact, while we were there, a Metro Water Services employee showed up and said he can’t find who the owner is either.

What’s more, several tenants News 2 spoke with said the same day Waters started seeing water on her property, they started seeing low water pressure in their apartments.

“It’s super hard to wash my dishes and they should at least fix it or be on top of it,” said one tenant.

She was heading to the office to ask them to fix the water pressure, but no one would open for the door for her either.

Metro Water Services said on site it plans to continue to work with the property to get the problem solved.

According to WKRN.com on September 16th, 2015