According to NewsWest 9 on August 26th:

Two huge water main breaks in Big Spring overnight forced the high school to cancel classes on Wednesday. NewsWest 9 talked with locals and the mayor about the re-occurring problem.

The first week of classes and already a bare campus at Big Spring High School. The mayor says the two large water main breaks that cause the cancellation of classes on Wednesday are a top priority.

“I would like to see something right away. I think most of Big Spring would like to see something done right away. Water line (problems) are very common in Big Spring,” said Big Spring Mayor, Larry McLellan.

“We’ve been having issues for, like I said I’ve been living here six years, and there’s always one of these dug up and like I said within the last week (in front of his home) they’ve already dug up three holes,” said Carlos Vega, a Big Spring resident.

The first water main break happened just before 11 a.m. Tuesday night. Then just a few hours and just a few blocks away, another large water line burst. It’s unclear how many residents and businesses were left with no water.

“In that area, it could be a very significant amount of residents in that area,” said McLellan.

The mayor says it’s a bigger problem than residents realize.

We have 171 miles of water lines. 60 percent of that needs repairing and 60 percent is an enormous amount. They do break and that was some of my response to the citizens that spoke at last (Tuesday) night’s tax hearing,” said McLellan.

Also at the meeting, city officials considered setting aside millions of dollars for future water repairs.

“Good water lines, good streets, sanitation, landfill, things like that, all come with a price and who’s going to pay the price? It’s got to be the citizens of Big Spring,” said McLellan.

Water pressure should be restored to nearby residents and businesses by Wednesday evening. Classes at the high school are expected to resume on Thursday.