According to Breibart News on June 13th:

California and Israel are similar in terms of weather, and Israel’s advanced technology could help California tremendously as it seeks to pull itself out of a drought that could last for another 20 years. Israel is already using five desalinization plants to convert saltwater into drinking water. However, that process is much more costly–and California has over 38 million people, nearly four times Israel’s 8 million-person population.

A great deal of California’s water waste problems also stem from leaky, old pipes that badly need replacing. Israel has reportedly mastered this by using an acoustic network of sensors to identify leaks and keep water loss to a minimum, KCRA notes.

In February, over 100,000 gallons of water flooded a Hollywood Hills home. Last July, over 10 million gallons of water flooded UCLA in what was widely seen as the largest water main break in Los Angeles history. And this past September, the infamously wild Playboy Mansion was one of approximately 20 homes to be drenched after a water main broke on Sunset Boulevard.