According to WFAA-TV on August 22nd:

City crews are working to repair a 48-inch concrete line break at Trinity Park Saturday morning.

The city is working on isolating the line so it can begin repairs.

“Our priorities right now are just getting this break isolated,” city spokeswoman Mary Gugliuzza said. “Until we can get out there and see, we won’t know the extent of the repair.”

Crews responded to a call at 8 a.m. of the break that began gushing water. Crews are spending the morning closing multiple valves to isolate the break. Gugliuzza added that because this is a major line coming out of the Holly Water Treatment Plant the city is working to make sure the area is still supplied by other plants.

“I can tell you we’re making progress,” she said. “The water isn’t coming out as high as it was before.”

She said it won’t be possible to know the impact until the break is isolated, but there is a chance no one will be without water.

“This break is probably going to take 24 hours to make a repair,” Gugliuzza said. “This is going to go well into tomorrow.”