According to WKOW updated on September 3rd:

Renters at an apartment complex on the east side of Madison are frustrated as they’re still unable to get into their homes after a water main burst last week.

Flooding in underground garages destroyed more than 30 cars and left 88 apartments unlivable at the River’s Edge complex on Fordem Avenue. A sinkhole caused by the main break swallowed three cars.

Originally, renters who couldn’t go home were told they’d be able to get back in by Tuesday or Wednesday, but cleanup has been delayed. Crews were still working to fix electrical equipment damaged by the water on Wednesday.

Tenants say they haven’t heard much about what’s going on from apartment managers.

“They don’t have any way of communicating with us, so there’s been no communication for those people who have nothing,” says Beatrice Burnell who lives in one of the two, damaged buildings. “There are some people that have no idea when we’re going in, when we’re not going in, what’s going on. They have to physically come from wherever they’re placed and come here and catch a manager at the clubhouse.”

Burnell, who has lived at River’s Edge for 15 years, says she’s considering getting out of her lease if she can because of the hassle. She, and others with nowhere else to go, have been staying in vacant apartments at the complex, but despite that she says she’s frustrated with management.

Burnell’s brand-new SUV was destroyed in the garage, along with two mopeds, which didn’t have insurance. She says it’s difficult to not be able to come and go to her apartment on her own.

Other affected renters also tell 27 News they’ve considered leaving their leases but have not gotten an answer from the apartment managers about whether that’s an option, but have heard their rent will be prorated based on the days they were unable to stay.

27 News reached out to the rental company’s manager, who was unavailable to return calls to answer questions about what will happen to leases or rent.

Management said Wednesday they hope one of the damaged buildings will be ready by the end of the week and the other by early next week.