According to WKOW updated on September 10th:

Nearly two weeks after a water main break and sinkhole, residents are now allowed home at River’s Edge Apartments.

The water main break flooded two underground garages, destroying about 30 cars and a sinkhole swallowed three other cars. As a result, power and water to two apartment buildings was cut off, and residents had to evacuate.

David Loving had moved to Madison just a week before the incident and didn’t know anyone in the area. He relied on the Red Cross and apartment management to find him a place to stay.

“I’ve been staying right across the street at Fordem Towers, another one of River’s Edge properties with three other gentlemen,” Loving said.

Loving says it’s been chaotic, but he made the best of a frustrating situation by meeting his neighbors.

“Which, is fun, fantastic right?” Living said.

Both apartment buildings are back in livable condition. Still not all the residents are happy with how this situation was handled.

“It’s been a nightmare,” said Amanda Lund, who, along with her boyfriend Tristan Mahr, has lived at River’s Edge for three years. “We cannot believe how long it took us to get back in here.”

Lund and Mahr say they think management did a poor job communicating with residents, and only started providing regular updates in the last few days.

“We were staying in Sun Prairie and we had to come here in person to find out anything,” Lund said.

They say management did told them rent will be prorated, but they aren’t sure they want to stay. Cleanup crews are still working, and the sewage smell is still in the air when they stand on the balcony.

“It’s safe to be here but this is not what we signed up for,” Lund said. “I think we still need to talk about it. I mean, our lease is through June. I don’t really feel comfortable staying here to be honest.

27 News did reach out to management, but they declined an interview.