According to WPRO News on August 11th:

Crews are on scene in Central Falls after a water main break caused a sinkhole on Hunt and Liberty Streets.

Mayor James Diossa called the sinkhole a huge concern and that the city was taking the necessary precautions to handle the situation.

“We currently have our fire department there with closely Pawtucket Water,” said Diossa.

Diossa said the city is still waiting for Pawtucket Water to pump out the hole and provide an assessment on its size and formation. The Mayor said water has been shut off.

We don’t know exactly how many families are going to be impacted, but as soon as we know I will make sure to update everyone.”

The sinkhole swallowed the front end of a pickup truck, but Deputy Fire Chief Keith Sullivan said a nearby police officer was able to pull the driver to safety.

“The gentleman was driving down Hunt Street earlier this afternoon during the torrential rain; we’re not sure what caused it but a sinkhole opened up and he drove into it,” said Sullivan.

The truck was pulled out of the hole with a crane a short time later.