According to on July 31st:

An investment group and a clothing and manufacturing firm has filed a lawsuit against AT&T and two of its contractors, saying the contractors were responsible for striking a natural gas line [which] led to a gas explosion of the business’ building.

The explosion leveled the building at 2222 Menard Street in Soulard on Feb. 5, 2014. The suit was filed by Stars Investment Group, Stars Design Group, and the business owners Bret Schnitker and Kelly Greene. They named subcontractors MasTec and Four Winds Construction in the suit, filed Friday in St. Louis Circuit Court.

Stars Investment Group owns and rents office and living space and Stars Design Group is a clothing design and manufacturing firm.

The construction crew struck a natural gas line and about a dozen people evacuated the area. Thirty seconds after everyone left, explosions rocked and leveled the building, the suit says.

The suit says the Missouri Public Service Commission investigated and found that the subcontractors violated several safety statutes and that the construction crew was unlicensed and should not have been working on the property.

Star’s Design Group has talked with insurance companies representing the subcontractors and AT&T and nobody has offered any compensation to rebuild. The spot where the building was is now a vacant piece of land, and the businesses are now based a block away.

The destruction of SDG’s headquarters shuttered its business for at least two months and otherwise delayed potential sales for much longer,” the suit says.