According to 4029TV on August 17th:

Temporary water conservation measures are no longer needed, according to the city of Fayetteville.

Residents of Fayetteville and West Fork were asked to conserve water on Friday morning after a pipeline break. The line was fixed and water tests on Saturday returned normal.

The 42-inch pipe leak was discovered on Wednesday during a routine inspection. The pipe was closed off, leaving only a 36-inch pipe to supply the cities of Fayetteville and West Fork.

The two pipes come from Beaver Lake and are managed by the Beaver Water District.

The fire department said it would not issue burn permits until the conservation request was lifted.

The University of Arkansas implemented water conservation measures, including shutting off irrigation systems, closing the peace fountain, and using plastic plates and utensils in the dining halls.

In a press release, the city said it thanks major customers, including the University of Arkansas, for their water conservation efforts of the last few days.