According to Metro-East News on July 15th:

A water main break at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has thousands of employees and students drinking bottled water for the time being.

SIUE spokesman Doug McIlhagga confirmed the campus is under a boil order for at least 24 hours following overnight emergency repairs in the central core of the campus. Facilities management staff were aware that a water line underneath the Peck Hall service road was leaking due to age and normal wear, McIlhagga said.

“When they dug up the area to repair it, the leak worsened,” McIlhagga said. “The only way to repair it was to shut off water to the entire campus.

Water service was shut off to the entire campus at 10:26 p.m. and was reinstated at about 4 a.m. Wednesday morning. Crews working near Founders Hall Tuesday night were venting fire hydrants, spilling water across University Drive into the woodland areas around the main campus.

The break has been repaired, McIlhagga said, but water samples have been sent to an outside laboratory for testing, and it will be at least another day until they know if the water is safe. The biggest challenges will come at Morris University Center, where the cafeteria will have to cope with boiling for food preparation, he said.

Under normal circumstances, SIUE has approximately 2,400 employees on campus, as well as 14,000 students. But it is currently a summer session at the university, so many employees are either off for the summer or on vacation, McIlhagga said. The current campus population is about 5,000 — 2,000 employees and 3,000 students enrolled in summer classes. At least 400 students continue to live on campus full-time during the summer, according to the SIUE website.

The boil order will continue until at least 7:30 a.m. Thursday, pending test results. Students, employees and visitors are warned not to drink from water fountains. McIlhagga said they have placed at least one water cooler with cups in every building and residence hall on campus.