According to WSAZ updated on August 17th:

The nearest neighbors half a mile away from the secluded property on Harmons Branch Road say they heard what sounded like a bomb going off and felt their floors shake.

The explosion happened about half an hour after the property owner reported a leak at a 4-inch gas line.

The gas company contacted Tolley Contracting to head to the scene to repair the leak. Joey Tolley says the explosion happened shortly after their crew arrived.

“When we showed up, gas was blowing,” Tolley said. “In the midst of investigating what we needed to do to get this shut down, something ignited the gas. I don’t know what at this point.

Crews say the worker who was injured was sitting on a backhoe near the gas leak at the time of the blast.

A spokesperson with the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety says the explosion may have been caused when a piece of equipment started up near the leak.

Tolley says luckily the worker escaped with only minor burns.

We’re told the property owner has been working on building a house at that site and was there Monday.

Winfield Fire Department Capt. Nate Arthur says although it’s not clear yet exactly what caused the explosion or the gas leak, it’s a good reminder to always be cautious when digging.

“It’s always important to call Miss Utility and mark your hazards and pipes in the ground at all times before you dig,” Arthur said.

The number to call is 811.

The worker who was injured was taken to the burn unit at Cabell Huntington Hospital, crews at the scene said.