Campus Infrastructure Management

Colleges use UVARA to manage all aspects of their facilities. From construction to annual planning, colleges are using UVARA to automate their plan and map room. With easy and fast access to the integrated layers of information, building construction project run smoother and emergencies are avoided.

Across the organization, managers and contractors use UVARA collaboration, planning and response.

  • Facility managers planning and operating their structures and utilities.
  • Construction managers visualizing the entire campus including underground assets.
  • Operation and maintenance engineers view and access all their utilities (water, electric, telecom, wastewater, lighting, chilled water, CCTV cameras, trees, etc.)
  • Engineering firms managing projects on site avoid pipe breakages or wire cuts.
  • Financial managers plan their yearly maintenance budgets. UVARA provides them with a total value of assets of their millions of dollars in underground utilities. These same reports support colleges to close their hundreds of millions in bonds for capital expenditure.

UVARA is a complete solution. As a SaaS solution, you do not have to worry about software updates, hardware issues or databases. We upload your network data including CAD drawing and GIS features layers.For up-to-date imagery, we can fly a drone to capture better resolution imagery than Google and we survey your campus to verify your data.

The COVID-19 crisis is a wake-up call to facility and construction managers. Remote access to integrated, accurate data is critical. If you can’t go to your campus, UVARA brings your campus to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, so you can still do your work.

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