UVARA FAQs2019-06-20T16:07:47-07:00
What is UVARA?2018-10-17T11:03:28-07:00

UVARA is a cloud-based custom software-as-a-service (“Saas”) solution to help you better understand and manage information about your critical – often out-of-sight-and-out-of-mind – infrastructure that is above, on or below ground. UVARA provides owners, operators and third-parties with a streamlined, simplified GIS that maps a wide range of underground, surface and above ground assets, including pipes, lines, conduits, and structures.

Why do I need UVARA?2018-10-17T10:32:52-07:00

UVARA is the simplest and easiest to use GIS on the market today. The cloud-based software application promotes collaboration throughout the lifecycle of the asset across the entire team, including capital and master planners, architects, engineers, construction teams, facilities operations and maintenance teams, and public safety and disaster preparedness professionals.

UVARA provides a wide array of benefits, including but not limited to the following:

Clarity: It is a single source of truth when plan sets and other documents in the plan room have conflicting data about locations of services.

Accurate Information: UVARA also offers a better source of truth because as part of the implementation process, your maps and data have been field verified using varying levels of inspection.

Data Management: We identify high-risk information gaps due to incomplete, inaccurate, or even nonexistent as-builts, plan sets, reports and other information you may rely on and suggest a plan to address the missing information.

Data Longevity: UVARA can help you preserve “institutional knowledge” within key personnel or project team members who are retiring, changing jobs, or otherwise moving on. That knowledge may not be well documented or available to others who need it to keep the facility operating at a peak level.

Quick Answers: Uvara reduces dependency on resident experts and saves time when key personnel are not available at the facility and immediate utility knowledge is required.

Universal Access: UVARA can help with loss prevention of plans, specs, maps and other important documents. Organizations that “loan” documents to contractors or crews risk losing the data altogether. Same for fire, flooding, deterioration or other loss risks. That would be a formidable loss.

Do I need to be a GIS expert to use the UVARA platform?2018-10-17T10:55:11-07:00

No. UVARA is an intuitive system that can be used by anyone in the organization. It does not require expensive licenses or highly trained personnel on staff to navigate the platform or analyze the data.

What if my infrastructure information is in numerous places, such as plan rooms, reports, various CAD and GIS systems, databases and more?2018-10-17T13:01:30-07:00

UVARA consolidates relevant spatially related data and presents it in context on a single desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone screen, making it far simpler than digging through a plan room to try to find the correct documents. The critical data contained in your entire plan room(s) – including utility maps, plan sets, and more – will be at your fingertips.

How does UVARA help me reduce my liability?2018-10-17T10:56:44-07:00

Budgeting: Prevent problems in the planning and design phases by informing the location, age, likely state and replacement costs of the existing assets.

Construction: Reduce the instance and scale of damage during construction by informing the locations of important assets.

Emergency Preparedness: Inform the location of isolation valves, breakers, hydrants and other critical structures for preventive maintenance, flow testing, pressure testing and the like to be sure all systems are operating properly should an event occur. Additionally, UVARA allows for limited, strategic shut down without affecting the entire facility in the event of an emergency.

Hazardous Materials: Inform you of the presence of legacy asbestos cement pipe or other hazardous materials now banned from use to inform mitigation plans and to minimize risk of exposure exposure.

Hidden Risks: Identify potential tree root intrusion hot-spots in close proximity to Vitrified Clay Pipe, perforated PVC pipe and other susceptible material.


Can UVARA map and manage other facility assets besides utility networks?2018-10-17T13:01:12-07:00

Yes. UVARA can help you view and manage many critical assets and/or areas of your facility, as long as those assets or areas can be mapped and referenced geospatially on an aerial image of the facility. In addition to utility networks, UVARA can help you map:

  • Hardscapes (parking lots, driveways, walkways, etc)
  • Valuable Tree Specimens (arborist reports)
  • ADA Paths of Travel
  • Hazardous Material Locations
  • Security Camera Locations and Fields of View
  • And More!
What system or device do I need?2018-10-17T13:00:39-07:00

UVARA can be accessed by any web enabled device. For example: Windows and Apple computers running Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Safari. On mobile devices, we support both Android and IOS running native search engines. At the present time, an internet connection is required to use the application.

How does UVARA help me find important infrastructure when I am in the field?2018-10-17T10:49:36-07:00

Your maps and data are displayed over base maps or your aerial imagery to help you see where networks are relative to known landmarks like buildings, sidewalks and trees. When you enable the GPS function on your mobile device, you will be able to see where you are relative to the various infrastructure assets in your network.

I already have another GIS system, what is different about Uvara?2018-10-17T10:57:38-07:00

UVARA is an affordable cloud-based solution. You do not have to install proprietary software on your system. As such, updates are automatically made available the next time you log in eliminating the burden of version control, managing security patches and other updates.

We work hard to “take technology out of the way” so you can get your work done! UVARA does not require special certifications or advanced training to effectively operate.

UVARA was designed to co-exist with other systems. Data, maps, imagery and other information from external systems can be viewed along side data already in UVARA.

How can I learn more?2018-10-17T13:00:25-07:00

If you would like to learn more, please contact us here.

If you would like a guided product tour, please click here.

If you would like an expert phone consultation, please click here.

I have an earlier version of UVARA, what is involved in upgrading?2018-10-17T12:56:29-07:00

You will automatically be upgraded to the UVARA 3.0 system at no cost.

If I have a document management system, why do I need UVARA?2018-10-17T10:21:06-07:00

One of the features of UVARA is the contextual access to supporting documents from within the maps module. Each object (pipe, valve, pole, light, etc.) has an associated set of data displayed in a pop up data box that includes hyperlinks to those sourced documents stored in the Uvara database.

If you keep your as-builts, record sets, reports and other documents in your document management system, we can link to those documents based on the user’s access rights. 



If I already have a facilities management system, why do I need UVARA?2018-10-17T10:58:02-07:00

Based on our experience, we find the majority of the organizations with facilities management systems doing a great job managing what’s on and in their buildings but generally ignore what’s in between the buildings and their property boundary. That is where we come in! We help you manage what is in between the buildings and provide data to your reporting systems to more accurately understand total cost of ownership, maintenance costs, schedules, short term and long term budget requirements and more.

Who can benefit by using UVARA?2018-10-17T12:51:02-07:00

Uvara was built for owners, operators, and managers of multi-acre, multi-structure facilities; municipalities; and utility companies (water, gas, electric, communications etc.).  

People involved in planning, design, construction, maintenance, operations, emergency response and other critical functions can benefit from using Uvara.

Some of our current users are in higher education, commercial real estate, home owner associations, cemetery management, and municipal water.

Uvara can be used in many other industries including:

  • Real estate investments trusts (“REIT”)
  • Retail/shopping centers
  • Multifamily residential communities
  • Hotel resort properties
  • Golf courses/country clubs
  • Correctional institutions
  • Office parks
  • Industrial parks,
  • Amusement parks and fairgrounds
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Assisted living communities
  • Airports
  • Redevelopment projects

And much much more …