Facility Infrastructure Management Solution

Know Where Your Assets are Located

Uvara is the smart mapping and GIS solution designed to integrate all aspects of your site’s infrastructure including underground assets and above-ground features and imagery for powerful infrastructure asset management at your fingertips.

Information you need. Uvara enables you to plan, build and operate assets all through the lifecycle. With this information at your fingertips, managing daily and yearly projects are a breeze.

Digital maps for a holistic view. Uvara provides rich, digital maps of underground, surface, and overhead assets providing powerful visualization, analytics, and archiving out-of-the-box.

Respond quickly anytime, anywhere. As a cloud-based platform, your maps and data are accessible 24/7/365 on any web-enabled device – desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. We can create your organization’s account immediately and load all your maps and data in days and weeks.

Fix bad data. Edit asset data to correct old, incorrect, or updated information for more accurate tracking and management of your infrastructure.

Uvara is available for iOS and Android.

UVARA Mobile
Smart mapping for Infrastructure

Respond Faster to Emergencies

Asset Mapping – Viewing all your assets on a map allows you to see the whole picture and discover issues as well as opportunities such as locations for expansion.

Color-coded map layers. Each system – water, gas, fiber optics, storm drain, sewer, electrical, lighting, telecom, and more – is highlighted with a different color, so you know what’s what.

Quickly find what you need. Need to see just water or gas lines? Or maybe the entire site? You can change map views on the fly. In just a few clicks, any system can be turned on or off.

Aerial imaging provides context and accuracy. A bird’s eye view is invaluable in identifying utilities and other mapped assets relative to roads, buildings, landscape, or other visible landmarks.

Access the plan room with one click. Want to know where individual valves, switches, and pipes are? Uvara clearly shows you on the map. When you click on a particular asset, an information box pops up to provide more details.

Find an asset with your phone. Maps are geocoded, so teams in the field can locate important assets in real-time with their GPS-enabled devices, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Read more about why GIS solutions are transforming how we manage infrastructure risk here.

New – Now Includes Editing and Data Management

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Respond Faster with an Online Plan Room

The Digital Plan Room is a fully digitized archive that stores and organizes all of your plans into a single, searchable, easy-to-access application.

A safe, secure vault. The Digital Plan Room holds all of the as-built drawings, record sets, and other documents used to create maps and provide supporting data.

Full control of data. Permission-based access allows you to control who on your team sees what.

Sortable database. The database can be easily sorted by document type, construction/plan date, and document title.

Searchable database. Search by document title or document creator (engineer, architect, contractor) to quickly find the right documents.

Maximum control and flexibility. Documents can be downloaded, saved, or printed right from the platform.

Digital Plan Room with Site Layout
Asset management mapping

No More Long Planning Cycles

Uvara produces detailed reports, including information about inventory of assets and their value, replacement cost, remaining life, and more.

Big picture intelligence. Data and key information are aggregated to produce a 360-degree view that can guide both strategic and tactical decisions.

Detailed analysis. Each report contains dozens of unique figures, tables, and graphs that offer a detailed analysis of every aspect of your facility.

Actionable advice. The platform continually assesses your needs and provides timely and actionable suggestions, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Budget planning. By aggregating and cross-referencing financial information, Uvara provides invaluable modeling capabilities to support your immediate and future budget needs.

Filling the information gaps. Uvara identifies the missing gaps in information and helps you prioritize research and discovery, so you can see a complete picture of your assets and minimize risk.

Audit reporting. The reporting functionality helps administrators quickly produce routine, and tailored one-off reports for auditors, regulators and governmental officials.

A World Of Benefits

Uvara has immediate and long-term results for your bottom line.

Better forecasting and budgeting

By seeing the big picture below and above the ground ahead of time, you can make smarter decisions.

Better design and construction

With spatially accurate data about important infrastructure right at your fingertips, planners and designers can properly locate new assets in the right place the first time around.

Better construction outcomes

When all sub-contractors work from a common set of plans – a single source of truth – construction happens right on schedule.

Better maintenance and operations

An accurate and current visual picture of all your assets helps you prioritize and allocate resources wisely.

Fewer trips to your plan room

With all of your maps and information online in a single, secure platform, there’s no more wasted time on trips to plan room and less worry about losing documents.

Identify high-risk information gaps

We field check your information and help plug the holes in data. Confidence grows when your design, construction and maintenance teams can easily identify missing information.

Preserve institutional knowledge

As a generation of professionals begins to retire or personnel change jobs, your institutional knowledge is preserved in a central repository accessible by the next generation of managers.

Reduce your liability

When you don’t see the big picture, costly mistakes happen. We help you reduce mishaps by delivering the most current information about what’s above, on and below the ground.

Better emergency preparedness and disaster planning

When a crisis happens, we bring order to chaos. Our platform can quickly share information about your facilities or asset with public safety and disaster recovery professionals.

Reduce Damage and Disaster

Knowing where your underground infrastructure is located is critical in reducing risk and costs. For more details about the benefits, read this white paper.