Digging, Earth Moving Are Biggest Causes Of Gas-Pipeline Breaches in California

According to The Fresno Bee: Digging without knowing where pipelines are buried is the top cause of gas pipeline damage in California over the last 20 years. There have been 58 serious [...]

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Fresno Blast: Workers Didn’t Look For Utilities Before Digging, Agency Says

According to the LA Times: A preliminary investigation by a state utility agency revealed Fresno County workers who hit a gas line, triggering an explosion that injured 14, had not checked for [...]

California Fines PG&E $1.6 Billion for Deadly Gas Explosion

According to The Wall Street Journal: A California regulator fined PG&E Corp. $1.6 billion for a deadly natural-gas explosion in a San Francisco suburb in 2010, marking the largest penalty ever levied against a [...]

Crumbling Gas Lines: Not Just a New York Problem

According to News LI: The recent explosion and fire that destroyed part of a city block and left two men dead in downtown Manhattan has raised new concerns about the health of [...]

PUC To Vote On Record $1.6-Billion Fine For PG&E in San Bruno Blast

According to the Los Angeles Times: California utility regulators are poised to hit Pacific Gas & Electric Co. with a record-high, $1.6-billion penalty for negligence leading to the deadly natural gas explosion [...]

Neighbors Say They Are Concerned About Gas Leaks Following Upper Arlington Explosion

According to 10 TV News: ... the persistent smell of rotten eggs detected more than a year ago.

Home Destroyed, Several People Hurt in Gas Explosion

According to Fox 28 News: A natural gas explosion felt for miles away blew an Upper Arlington home to bits Saturday afternoon. As many as seven neighboring homes sustained damage, as well... several [...]

Fatal Ewing Gas Explosion: PSE&G, Contractor Hit With Largest Fines in State BPU History

According to NJ.com: PSE&G and subcontractor Henkels & McCoy were hit Wednesday with the largest fines ever issued by the state Board of Public Utilities for safety violations that led to the [...]

Campus gas leak caused by construction site accident

According to The State News: The natural gas leak at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory construction site that prompted an evacuation of the site and closure of nearby sections of Wilson Road and Bogue Street was caused [...]

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