Monterey Park Pays AT&T $85,000 for Grazing its Fiber Optic Wires

Grazing fiber optic wires, a mistake during a routine new business water main installation cost Monterey Park $85,000 in settlement costs — an addition to $836,300 in water and sewer claims in [...]

Philly has one sinkhole for every mile of road

According to PhillyVoice on August 31st: Philly's infrastructure problem may be even worse than you think. There have been 2019 sinkholes reported this year – around one for every mile of road [...]

Fairfield to spend $3M to replace aging water mains

According to Hamilton Journal News on August 23rd: The city of Fairfield will spend at least $3 million to upgrade its aging water infrastructure in the near future, while at the same [...]

Project reveals 20,000 leaks in Mass. gas lines

According to The Boston Globe on August 21st: The state’s aging natural gas pipelines are riddled with about 20,000 potentially dangerous and environmentally damaging leaks, many decades old, according to the first [...]

Third power outage in two months affects thousands in Long Beach

According to the Los Angeles Times on August 15th: Almost 19,500 Southern California Edison customers in Long Beach were left without electricity early Saturday morning after an underground cable failed, the utility reported. [...]

A year after the water emergency, Bay City officials focused on improving infrastructure

According to MLive updated on August 10th: Bob Dion, Bay City's water distribution supervisor, is still trying to forget about a taxing three-day search for the source of a water main break [...]

Report: Cost to fix aging sewers, roads, schools will far exceed funds

According to The Washington Post on July 18th: Just about every jurisdiction in the Washington area has seen increases in taxes or utility fees in recent years, part of an effort to [...]

Expensive new water pipelines needed in High Desert

According to Daily Press updated on July 13th: While water pipelines are judged to have a useful life of 50 to 100 years, much of America's infrastructure is falling behind recommended replacement [...]

SPECIAL REPORT: City’s aging water mains in ‘critical’ state

According to WCPO on July 1st: A massive problem is growing out of sight in Greater Cincinnati that’s draining government coffers, squeezing family budgets and threatens the future of a system we [...]

Sinkhole that trapped RTA bus caused by 1 of 1,700 annual water main breaks in Cleveland

According to ABC5 on June 26th: The road is back open and water has been restored after a messy and dangerous situation was created on E. 71st Street. A water main break [...]

Two water mains burst in Indy; officials blame aging infrastructure

According to CBS4 on June 23rd: Water main breaks shut down streets for hours Tuesday and left almost a hundred customers without water. If you thought water main breaks were exclusive to [...]

Billions of gallons of expensive drinking water going down the drain

According to Newsnet5 on June 19th: Northeast Ohio water customers and millions across the country are paying for water that never reaches their faucet. Every community and every neighborhood across Northeast Ohio [...]

Infrastructure Week 2015: Value of Water Coalition spotlights innovative water projects

According to WaterWorld Magazine: After working around the clock for more than 100 years, the nation's water infrastructure is aging and failing. For example, in America today, a water main breaks every [...]

Bay Area’s 150-Year-Old Water Pipe Problem

According to NBC Bay Area: The drought has Californians feeling the pressure to conserve water, but some century-old pipes may be thwarting these efforts. The government’s bank account is also running dry [...]

Three Water Breaks This Week, Sign Of Aging Infrastructure?

According to A third water main break in as many days in the city of Peoria and it could be symptomatic of aging infrastructure. Rogers said aging infrastructure in Peoria is [...]

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