Uvara on Smartphones and Tablets

Take Uvara with you for instant access to all your facility data. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can get the answers you need.

Smart Mapping

Integrated mapping with precise coordinates makes viewing, finding and querying assets easy and intuitive. Build-in symbology gives allows high quality mapping of important features so you can see problems areas. Using the phone’s GPS you can see what is underground wherever you are standing. Seeing below the surface with maps on your phone is critical. Seeing the related records of assets is a game-changer.

Mobile Digital Plan Room

It is inevitable. Just when you get home, someone calls with a question or worse, an emergency. The information you need is somewhere buried in piles of papers and files in your plan room.  With Uvara, that scenario is a story from the past. Now you can access any information needed, send a file, take a screenshot or a coordinate and get back to relaxing.

Queries and Reports

Find a valve, pipe, light and more by a query or location. Display results on the map or in a report. With your plan room information tied together, information from documents, plans, drawings and more can then be analyzed for planning or immediate action.