Setting Filters Gives Insights into Your Assets



As part of the latest release of UVARA, new asset filtering functions were added to the map module. These functions provide the user with the ability to create maps based on asset metadata for powerful insights into their facility’s assets. 

For instance, using the Remaining Life Category Global filter allows the user to visually see assets that are overdue for replacement, or assets that need to be replaced within the next 0-5 years.  Having a visual reference of where these assets are located can help inform projects by identifying areas where clusters of utilities exist that are in need of replacement.  For instance, in the screenshot below the ballfields have a significant amount of assets that are overdue for replacement. With this valuable information, your team can budget and plan for a replacement or modernization project to the ballfields.



Additionally, with the remaining life filter, you can visually see critical assets such as water and gas that present high risk to damage and disaster if not replaced in a timely manner.

Another powerful filter is the Isolated Object filter.  This filter illuminates assets that are not connected to the larger underground utility networks but should be connected in some way.  This indicates that there is likely underground piping or conduits that are not mapped and could potentially be discovered during a construction project catastrophically. 

There are a great number of filters that can be used to inform construction, planning, and risk management tasks. One other critical issue that can be addressed with filters is the issue of gaps in data. There are several “unknown” filters that help identify assets with unknown data (e.g. unknown pipe diameter).  By analyzing the data through these filters, it can better inform users of the assets that have missing data and how best to resolve the problem.

The data filters can be found at the bottom of the assets sidebar. To run a filter simply check the filters you want to apply to the assets that are visible and then hit the blue arrow at the top of the filter bar. Once you want to return to the regular view of the map hit the Clear Filter button at the bottom of the assets sidebar.