New Uvara Release Includes Editing Functionality

BetterGIS is proud to announce our latest update release.  With this release, Uvara includes new editing functionality requested by users.  When users click on an asset they have the opportunity to edit the asset’s related data.  For example, a user might know that a particular water pipe’s diameter is 12” but the asset data currently lists the diameter as unspecified.  As seen in the image below, the user is presented with a menu of pipe diameters to choose from.

Other attributes can be edited by simply entering the data.  For example, if a backflow preventer is found to be leaking in the field, a note could be added via Uvara, to indicate the leak.

We recognize that with this new capability of editing it could be easy for users to corrupt the precious data that was painstakingly collected.  That is why we included an audit chain process for the Uvara administrator.  This dashboard allows the administrator to see all the assets that have edits.  Each edit indicates the asset, the user that is requesting the edit, the edit itself, the date, and the status of the edit.  This allows the administrator to confirm edits or roll back edits.  Additionally, all of these edits can be exported into a spreadsheet for easy review.  Below is a screenshot of the editing dashboard.

By using our custom filter tools and filtering for unknowns our users now have the ability to quickly and methodically solve for all the unknowns and get their valuable institutional knowledge into the system immediately.