Your Facility is Now Mobile

UVARA’s powerful facility management solution is now available via a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Facility owners and operators can access utility and infrastructure data right at their fingertips, when and where they need it. UVARA takes facility planning and operations from the conference room to the desktop and now directly into the field. 

Real-Time Location

The UVARA app utilizes a smart device’s GPS capabilities to give users their location in context with the infrastructure around them. Looking for a specific hose bib? Need to quickly find the shutoff valve to a gas line? Find it based on your location! 

Mobile Plan Room

Dusty, cluttered plan rooms are notorious for making it difficult to find critical facility data. UVARA virtually “cleans up” and organizes that plan room with enhanced digital versions of a facility’s plan set documents, and the UVARA app lets users take the digital plan room with them to the field. No more lost or checked-out paper plans; they are available with the touch and swipe of a screen. 

Enhanced Security & Interface

Using UVARA within the native environment of a smartphone or tablet provides more security for a facility’s data. And the app was designed specifically for use on smaller screen sizes, which provides the user with a more efficient and optimized interface. Easily zoom in and access data boxes. Effortlessly move among the Map, Plan Room, and Report modules. Facility management has never been this easy!

app interface

It is easy and free for all users. To learn more and to download the new app, go here