Dig Less and Respond Faster

Bringing all your asset information together into a digital infrastructure management system helps you see where your system is relative to other features. Mapping, planning, maintenance, and emergency response are easier when the entire system is automated.

We pull all your data together, integrate and field verify it. When it is complete we deliver it in the cloud with a map, reporting, analysis, and reporting modules. Access it anywhere – from your phone, desktop, or tablet. You will not have to run into the office to get critical data.

Mapping Underground Assets

No matter how old underground assets are, they need maintenance, monitoring, and replacement. Tracking and managing this process is difficult if not impossible when data is disjointed, siloed away in drawers, stored in outdated CAD drawings and hard drives. Pulling these systems together is our passion.

Unresolved Problems Don’t Go Away

For years, problems continue to grow. Many of them get worse over time. Gathering up all the relevant data, automating and integrating them together is the first step in solving these seemingly intractable issues.

Aging Infrastructure Needs to be Replaced – Pulling together budgets for replacement costs is easy when your data is integrated. Reports are just part of the system and are automatically tied in with your data.

Development – Planning for growth becomes an opportunity instead of a headache. New pipes and devices become part of the system from planning to completion.

Loss of Institutional Knowledge – Water, wastewater, stormwater systems are complicated. As staff who helped build and manage these systems retire, capturing their knowledge is critical.

Siloed Department Responsibilities – Organizing work and data between different departments and contractors is a daily task. With one place for all asset data, that task becomes easier.

See It All With Uvara

Optimized utility asset maintenance and management using Uvara. The easy-to-use interface can be accessed by staff to access infrastructure elements and associated data, work activities, and workflows.

Uvara work on the desktop or smart devices. See where an asset is located or discover what is underground at any location with the Uvara mobile app.

Identify the best investments by prioritizing efforts. A better understanding of total cost needs with construction and maintenance projects all in one view ensures that money is spent wisely and with clear objectives.